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by Shriyanka Dash


Welcome to I am aware.


Presently, persuing LLM (Constitutional & Administrative law) at National Law University, Odisha. I am a law graduate with (Business law, Hons.) from School of Law, KIIT (Deemed to be) University, Bhubaneswar, From a very early stage in my life, I have always believed that empowerment greatly comes through the path of consciousness. Being aware is more important than being literates or educated. One of the best life skills I possess I believe is conveying myself; and what better way to do it than blogging? ‘I AM AWARE’ will enhance your awareness with information on the legal rights you may have, and also on when and how one should enforce them against exploitation. You cannot enjoy something you have, if you are unaware of its presence. In case of every smallest dilemma, fear, hesitation or inquisitiveness on any legal procedure, is the address you reach.


Come, lets become empowered together. Happy reading.

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School of Law, KIIT University

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