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Farm Laws 2020: My analysis of the situation.

Farms laws 2020 have been surrounded by a lot of controversies. There are several questions pertaining to the fact that whether the farm laws are a bane or a boon to the farmers. We can see tons of uproar among the Indians and also the nation worldwide against the farm laws. There have been protests taking place all around the world. Several Hollywood stars have been speaking against the farm laws. A huge outcry especially from the region of Punjab can be seen that they are highly against these farm laws. They are afraid the Government is trying to negotiate with the corporate companies and eventually the farmers will be oppressed and suppressed by the big corporate firms. They are against the idea that there will no MSP.

Complaints have been taking place that the central government is trying to exceed its powers. But that remains the question which is to be answered by the Supreme Court. While people were protesting all over the world with the Hollywood actors supporting them, the Indian media and the government is of the idea that they are trying to disrupt the public order of the country. So the central government disconnected the internet in various regions. Several people taking in the protestthats were arrested. Freelance journalists who mentioned the actual story of the country were kept in police custody. They say new Khalistani propaganda exists. The division between the religions are been highlighted by the media. But is this really the reality? The question isn’t about some propaganda. The question isn’t about dismantling the unity of India.

The basic question which lies here is about rights, and I would like to emphasise it when I say RIGHTS. Our Basic Human Rights! Farmers had been protesting for a period of 4-5 months something which is called a peaceful protest, which is allowed by the constitution of our country. Farmers have tried to be a part of every meeting which had been organised by the government of our country which though ultimately bore no fruits. People are anguished about the fact that Hollywood actors are trying to sabotage our unity. This movement is perhaps the same as #BLACKLIVESMATTERS or #MEETOOMOVEMENT, but nobody raised a finger when our Bollywood actors spoke in favour of it. Why? BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.

Everybody has a right to express themselvesthe . Time and again the freedom of speech and expression has been highlighted mentioned in Article 19 of Indian Constitution. There have been several incidents where we could see how a human’s right to have a voice has been sabotaged. Be the protests during repealing of Article 370, Shaheen Bagh protests, or be it farmer’s protest. In a democratic country, a human is allowed to have an opinion if he or she is against the policies of the government. This democracy is elected by the people and it is for the people. Suppressing the voices by the deactivation of the internet or arresting a person just because he is against the policy of the government is one of the most dehumanizing treatments. If we have learnt anything from the British Rule of Hitler is that oppression and suppression of a human is one of the most degrading forms of treatment and eventually it results in division among people and huge violence. United Nations has time and again emphasised the importance of basic human rights- his right to express. Several covenants have been made by the United Nations which involve this right.

Let’s not degrade another human being just because one has a say on a particular matter. One must understand another’s opinion or listen to his opinion even if one doesn’t agree to it. Education, compassion is something that can eradicate these vices from the world..

Happy awareness!!

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